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  • Golfo Gabella.

    Close to it all!

    The lake ahead, the mountains behind, and nature all around. Lago Maggiore is a place like no other. Both a destination and a journey, Golfo Gabella is a place to relax for those who wish to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the lake and a starting point for those who wish to discover and experience the traditional Italian culture.

    Golfo Gabella Lake Resort looks directly out over the lake from the picturesque village of Maccagno in the northern province of Varese. Placed at the entrance to the Veddasca valley, this area is characterised by the ancient settlements and old stone villages which are scattered throughout this charming, yet wild, landscape.

    Dating back to 1000 AD, Maccagno has played an important historical role over the years. Once home to a salt refinery, the course of history later saw Maccagno being granted the right to make its own coins by Ferdinand II in 1621, consequently followed by the birth of the mint. Maccagno commemorates this event every year on August 4th with a historical re-enactment, known as the "Landing of the Emperor". As a testiment to the town's glorious past, visitors can still admire the fortified palace on Via Della Bella, along with the splendid medieval tower which overlooks the town.

    Today, Maccagno is an attraction for tourists who are enticed here by the beautiful beaches, the mild climate (guaranteeing all-year-round holidays) and the stunning landscape. Indeed, there is no shortage of things to do: whether it's sunbathing on the beaches surrounding the lake, practicing the wide variety of summer and winter sports, or visiting the local cultural and artistic sights, Lago Maggiore has something for everyone.